Residential Steel

One of the things that has come along over the last several years is a viable option for putting a steel roof on a residential building. In the past the only choices were pole building steel or really high buck commercial standing seam metal roofing

The commercial roofing was to high priced to be a able option for a home and the outbuilding steel had to be applied with visible screws – which never seemed like a good option for the long run.

Steel Roof

But now there is a product that emulates standing seem roofing but is viable pricewise for a residential application. It is not only a price point that approaches that of conventional shingles, but it also has the advantage of being able to be applied over the old roofing. That saves a lot of money in the labor department.

The product looks to be good enough to last a long time and seems to be easy enough to use that it is a viable option for a capable amateur to be able to handle the application – it doesn’t require the use of special tools in the application process.

Metal roofing has alway been a premium option for a residential roof, but it has been exorbitantly expensive for all bu the most expensive homes. With the advent of the new product it is now a viable and attractive option for any home – especially ones needing re-roofing.

It saves time, expense, and clean up.

What’s not to like.

New Classes of Tools

Every year it seems like there is some sort of new invention that makes life easier. It is amazing how inventive some people are, how they can see something that isn’t being done quite as well as perhaps it could be.

A few years ago saws the would flush cut seemed to become the rage, an the truth is that they are a very handy type of saw for the specific applications that they are useful for. One place that they might come in handy is for cutting off a door jamb when the flooring that meets it changes. It is a task that a saw that is only set to one side seems designed to do, but it is a lot of work. And certainly the one thing it can’t do is start a cut in the middle of a piece of work.

multi tool kitEnter the multitool. Not the one that you might hang on the wall for when you need a screwdriver or a pair of needlenose pliers. The oscillating power tool vibrates at a high speed much like a palm sander does. In fact one of the uses of a multi-tool is as a high speed detail sander.

But the most popular use for the oscillating tool is as a multifunction saw. It has a multitude of unique uses that are a direct result of how the oscillation function works. Unlike most saws that have the teeth on the side of the blade, the blades that fit the multitool have the teeth on the end of the blade. Combined with oscillating at thousands of strokes per minute, plunge cuts become a very real possibility.

If you have ever tried to start a cut in the middle of a piece of wood with a sawzall or a saber saw you realize how difficult that can be. When the end of the blade contacts the work at just the wrong moment you can end up with a bunch of “chatter” marks across the previously pristine surface and/or be left with a bent blade that you might or might not be able to salvage to take another attempt at the cut.

Not so with the multi-tools like those shown on the site you can make incredibly difficult cuts that you would be unable to make in any other way. Gone are the days when the only way to start a cut in the middle of a piece is either of the disastrous methods outlined above, or to get out your trusty drill and make a hole big enough for the blade to enter to start the cut.

With the oscillating tool it is possible to do something like make a square cutout for access in the center of a piece of plywood, or as in the example at the beginning of the piece cut off a door jamb cleanly to allow the installation of a hard surface floor on top of the existing substrate when the existing clearance doessn’t allow.

Get yourself an oscillating multi tool for many uses that you don’t even foresee right now. This is one of those tools that surprise you with how truly useful they are in ways that you didn’t anticipate, much like a cordless impact does. Or tools that drive nails without hoses.

Epoxy Repair

Old wood is the bane of house repair. It’s not exactly pc, but fixing rot with epoxy leaves you with a piece of something that is not exactly wood. That’s the type of thing that leaves purists cold. But there are so few of us that can afford to be purists. And to be honest, jumping through some sort of hoops to make sure that all that is left when the repair is done, is wood.

If you have left a seam that is noticeable, or that will hold water, then your perfect repair is less than perfect.

Of course one can afford to go the whole nine yards and do the repair from the ground up, then that’s a different story. One that might be repeated in the company of men with deep pockets.